Call me counter-revolutionary is an exceptional, well referenced, column by Head of Crime, Justice and Politics Programme at the Institute for Security Studies, Prince Mashele.

I think it is a great column, because it attacks the idle middle class & its irresponsible consumer culture. I think this is one of the real underlying problems in this country and others. In fact I think Obama also addressed this issue, although in other words, in his inauguration speech.

While I think this is a problem in any middle class culture, I think it is particularly bad in the new black middle class in South Africa. For obvious reasons there wasn’t a black-middle class in the past. Now these people suddenly have access to money and it seems to have become all-consuming. I applaud Prince Mashele for being honest about the cause & effect of this on blacks.

I think this issue underlies many of our other problems like crime, corruption, fraud, affirmative action and the resulting poverty of many South Africans.