1.5m Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)
1.5m Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)

On Friday I took Elke to our new house to take photos. I got out of the car and walked around to her side. As I was about to open the door I heard a “slithering” movement. In that instant – before I could even turn around to look – I knew from the sound that it was a big snake.

When I turned around I saw it – big and fat; a Cape Cobra that was at least 1.5m long.

For those that don’t know, the Cape Cobra is a deadly snake with 60% fatality rate (if anti-venom is not administered or administered late). It is also known to, other than most other snakes, actually move closer to you when feeling threatened and will attack.

Needless to say I nearly crapped myself! I followed the snake to its hiding place under some kerbing. Later I phoned Fanie Fouche, a local Nature Conservation official. He and a colleague came out and caught the snake. They released it about 15km away.

This time of the year there are many snakes in our area.