To put it mildly, the British media have never really warmed to Afrikaners. More often than not when an Afrikaner is featured on British television it is an AWB supporter from the far Northern-Transvaal. It really pisses me of no end because, as anyone who has been to South-Africa knows, these people are not representative of most Afrikaners. But people that have not been to South-Africa obviously DO think that they represent Afrikaners. This is done in movies as well. James Bond & The Manchurian Candidate spring to mind now, but there are loads of others.

It is thus with glee that I am observing the British reaction to The Wind That Shakes The Barley, the 2006 Cannes Palme d’Or Winner. The movie is about the Irish troubles in the past. The British media are screaming blue murder because all the Brits are portrayed as “baddies” and the Irish are all portrayed as “goodies”.

This kind of stereotyping in my mind destroys a movie, BUT in this case I would like to say to the British Media: Have some of your own medicine! You have been doing the same to us and who knows who else for decades!

See the BBC’s review/reaction to see what I mean.