I’m on the Afrikaner issue again! Looking back at my recent posts you’d think that I’m a flag-bearer for Afrikaner Nationalism, which I am not. I am an Afrikaner yes and proud of it too, but I’m very much a South-African and (as Roland Schoeman recently said ironically) an African as well.

With this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised by some recent research that has been done in South Africa. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the research in more detail at More Afrikaners back AA. By the way, the title of the article on fin24 once again shows the decline in journalistic standards at News24. It is misleading and is only designed to attract readers. Don’t let it put you off.

Essentially the research suggests that Afrikaners of all ages are much more positive about South Africa than they were 5 years ago. This doesn’t really surprise me from the younger generation, but I am very encouraged by the older (50+ years) attitudes. They are also much more positive. And even dramatically so in some cases.

This research also suggests that 51% of younger (16-24 year old) Afrikaners subscribe to the ideals of Socialism. Right now I have some major concerns over uncontrolled Capitalism, so this is very interesting to me. With that statement I can already hear some grumblings at home 🙂

One thing I doubt very much though is that the British media (John Simpson being exempt, of course) will ever mention this research. Surely all Afrikaners are inherently racist, intolerant & downright oafish!