I have been suffering of music fatigue lately. You know; when everything on your iPod sounds old. Then last night I stuck Beethoven’s Triple Concerto by Herbert von Karajan and I just realised again what an absolute genius this man was. Nowadays we use the word genius way too much, but I don’t think anyone can deny that LvB was about as genius as they come. Remember that he was totally deaf when he wrote his outstanding 9th Symphony. The 9th is more commonly known as the Ode to Joy or Klanke sonder Melodie if you grew up in Christian Afrikaans South Africa.

My classical music knowledge is not more than knowing what I like. But to me no-one gets me worked up (not chocked up) like Beethoven. His music has so much volume and solidity. I can’t see how you cannot get caught up. I do like many of Mozart’s stuff as well – Elvira Madigan specifically – but to me the dramaticism of Beethoven cannot be beaten.