As most people will know by now, London was targeted by terrorists yesterday. I am currently working in the city and I get off at Tottenham Court Road. This is 3 stops away from King’s Cross, where the most deaths occurred. I am obviously very relieved to have avoided any of these atrocities.

The funny thing is that we weren’t actually told it was a terrorist attack until about 5 hours after it happened. But with all the police action in the city, I guessed that something serious had happened. The whole city has been affected, but nobody is reacting in the emotional way that the New Yorkers did. I realise that it is not nearly as dramatic, but the Brits are naturally very reserved; even in situations like these. It is something to be admired.

Today there were very few people on my tube and everyone, including me, was highly suspicious. I suspect it will get back to normal pretty soon though. The politicians are also pushing for a “back to normal” attitude.