Prince William, Attie's friend.
Prince William, Attie's friend.

Just a quick brag blog! I met Prince William tonight. You know, the future King of England. An absolute delightful chap he is as well. This is all thanks to my good friend Thinus Delport.

It happened like this: Thinus played in the Northern vs Southern Hemisphere exhibition Rugby match in aid of the Tsunami victims. So he got me a ticket for the match and the VIP dinner afterwards. At the VIP dinner William, Harry and some of their mates were seated at the table next to ours.

Afterwards I walked over and chatted to him briefly. He actually knew a bit about South Africa’s Eastern Cape (where I’m from) and of all things we briefly discussed the weather there!

I must say he was really a very nice guy. Before I met him I had no real feelings, negative or positive, about him. But now I think he is quite a decent chap. Prince Harry was also there, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

From a purely selfish point-of-view I now can’t wait for him to become King; then I will be able to say that I met the King of England!